Posted by: Liza Rosenberg | June 14, 2005

She and He ARE something something…

He’s got an attitude and a penchant for drink. She’s sleep-deprived and caffeine-dependent. Together, they’re something something – a translation of the Israeli term “mashehu-mashehu” (say it with us – we know you can), which is used to describe something pretty damned impressive (like this blog, for instance). This brand new blog to hit the blogosphere will make you laugh. It will make you mad. Most of all, it will make you think.

Welcome to something something, a blog about life in Israel – day-to-day trials and tribulations, joy, sorrow, politics (for what is Israel without politics? Actually, it would be a damn sight better than it is now, we imagine). As two “Anglos” living somewhere in Israel (two separate somewheres, to be exact), we aim to entertain, to provoke, to educate. Let’s make one thing clear, though. We do not aim to please. If you’re looking for some rah-rah rose-colored glasses view of Israel, well, we’re sorry, but you’ve come to the wrong place. Not to say that life in Israel can’t be great, because it certainly can be, at times. However, we’re here to tell it like we see it, which is not necessarily how you’d like it to be. We invite you to share in our lives, “meet” our growing families, hear about our days, our nights (think babies!), and our opinions (and shit, do we have plenty of those).

Stick with us, and we promise to show you a good time. It’s gonna be something something…



  1. I do enjoy reading your blog. It is among the blogs I check out on a regular basis.

    I wish to see HE’s contributions soon 🙂

  2. Thank you, Rami. I’m very flattered. I’ve enjoyed getting to “know” you via our blogs, and think your MA program sounds fascinating!

    As far as HE is concerned, I’ve been badgering him like crazy to post something, but you know how men are… 😉

  3. I don’t think I’m going to read your blog, I’m sorry, because I’m kind of tired of thinking and this seems to be the main objective of your blog.

    Have fun!

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  5. Aha, NOW I know what you meant by “something something.” It makes no sense in English, but in Hebrew, it’s ממש משהו משהו

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