Posted by: Liza Rosenberg | July 28, 2005

Balls of technological steel

First of all, I take my hat off to She, I think she wrote some great posts while I was away. She’s a star, don’t you know. But, time to disengage from the disengagment, otherwise we’ll have all sorts round here…She will have more to say on the topic, of that I’m sure, but let’s take a timeout for now.

And now for something completely different…

Modern technology is moving on at breakneck speed and I’m hanging on by my fingertips. I do love some of the gadgets that you can get these days, and am a confirmed aficionado of many a toy or two. For example, I think Skype, and SkypeOut, are fantastic, while my laptop is fast becoming part of the family and often gets preferential treatment over the dog. What always gets me thinking is how fast all this progress has been and in which direction are we going?

Just think about it – where were we just 10 years ago? No emails, no real Internet, hardly any mobile phones…now these have not only entered our everyday lives but have become essential components. Just think about the next 10 years and the technological possibilities that our children will probably experience. Will we be as ignorant/technologically disabled in another 20 years, just as my father and grandfather are today?

So, why bother bringing up this topic? Well, you knew there just had to be an Israeli side to this post…

Last week I was surfing the Web when a friend called. She knows I’m fairly knowledgeable about DVDs and wanted my opinion on a certain model. “Hang on” I told her, and quickly googled the model. I gave her my opinion. “OK, and what about this model *gives model name*?”. Google to the rescue again. She wanted to know if the price was OK and that she wasn’t being ripped off. I zapped for some prices. “Where are you?” I asked. “Oh, I’m in Best Buy and am looking at the DVDs here. I’m with the salesman and I’m not sure which model to take…”.

I could hear the salesman in the background and he was fast getting pissed. Me, I was split: OK, it’s great for the consumer that we can utilize all this technology and thoroughly check prices and get the best deal possible – on the other hand, this is just a little bit too hutzpah for me. I wouldn’t have the balls to call up a friend while being served by someone and then check prices real-time. OK, I would do it before coming out to buy and there’s nothing wrong with that of course, but to walk into a shop and quite blatantly compare prices with their rivals is another thing. An Israeli thing.

I was happy to help her out though. Fuck it, been here too long…



  1. He: This technology stuff (yes, I know, I’ve just given myself away as severly computer impaired…) really is amazing! I found two new toys to explore just by reading your post! Thanks!

    We don’t really have to become disabled, you know. My father is 71, he does everything from banking to travel reservations, etc, etc,etc over the internet, including his home phone. So, perhaps age isn’t what makes us fall behind the times…

  2. Hey, even I had email ten years ago. Must admit though, I loved our fax machine when we first got it. Thought it was absolutely amazing that my Mom could put a piece of paper through on her end, and that I would receive it simultaneously!

    Just think, though. It’s only been about 20 years or so that there’s been more than one television channel in Israel, and people used to wait years before they received land-line telephones. We waited months for our first line back in 1992! It’s absolutely amazing how far Israel has come technologically in just a few years.

  3. Glad to hear She had email 10 years ago – I did too – I was sure that email’s been around for more than 10 years. On the other hand, I also thought I remembered when channel 2 started – which means it’s been less than 20 years.
    Where are those trivia sites when you need them 🙂

  4. I guess I was a late bloomer with the email then. But it couldn’t have been that widespread, surely?

  5. He: it was DEFINITELY not widespread, although I had it too…(sorry). Really started to take off about 8-9 years ago. When is the last time any of you hand wrote a letter (postcards, greeting cards and cards used to send photos not included)? I can’t remember…
    Hey, look another Nicole! 🙂

  6. NRG – I’m not even sure when I last sent a card with photos. Even that’s not so common these days with Internet and online photo albums.
    And yes, another Nicole – nice name 🙂

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