Posted by: Liza Rosenberg | January 10, 2006

Sniff, sniff…aaahhh!

I see that Sharon’s doctors are attempting to stimulate him with familiar sights and sounds. Good idea, I guess.

They have his sons playing snippets of Mozart quietly, which is obviously a calming, softly softly method of exiting from an enforced coma. I myself wouldn’t jump out of a coma for Mozart but never mind. They have also apparently placed a plate of shwarma meat (slices of grilled lamb or chicken) next to him. This looks like a sure bet, what with Sharon’s reported fondness for this kind of dish.

Anyway, not sure that this info needed to be released to the public as it seems to belittle his critical state…but it got me thinking. What smell would get me out of my bed? What smell would infiltrate my nasal passages to jerk my brain into awakening from a deep slumber? After some serious thought, I have gone for: fried mushrooms.

What smell would wake you up from a deep sleep?



  1. Baking bread and freshly brewed espresso.

  2. Wasabi… hands down. Although that espresso would be a close second! 🙂

  3. Oh man – that’s a hard question! I’m a very eclectic eater (and cook); but the first food smell that came to mind as a good wakeup signal was that of really good sausages made from the meat of an animal that I won’t name (but which says “oink”), with a generous side order of home fried potatoes. (Aforementioned sausages were not on the menu at Hadassah Hospital the last time I spent time there – so I’d better try to stay healthy.) Lisa’s coffee and bread (both fresh) would work, too; as would a really good pastrami sandwich on seeded rye bread.

    Note that this was the relatively unenthusiastic version of my answer, written only a couple of hours after a pretty decent lunch. You should see how I write about food when I’m hungry!

  4. After having spent 3 days at a hotel in Eilat and eating myself into oblivion, I have (re)started a diet this week and am trying to wean myself away from food as entertainment… but smells that would wake me up:

    Yeast bread baking is absolutely number 1.

    HOT pastrami (on club, with brown deli mustard).

    Sour pickles.

    My cholent, when I first wake up.

  5. Onions frying in chicken fat (OK, my peasant origins are showing).

  6. fresh coffee (don’t drink it, but love the aroma), the smell of a choclate cake baking, bread baking – they’d probably all do it for me.

  7. My answer would have to be (d) all of the above, and would expand baking bread to include nearly anything baking (chocolate chip cookies, brownies, apple pie, etc.). Maybe good Indian food as well. A plate of fresh chicken tikka could very well do the trick!

  8. My grandmother used to make this incredible fudge every time she came to visit. They would arrive, Grandpa and I would go take a walk in the neighborhood, and I guess she would start in the kitchen. When I think about it now, I wonder how offensive that might have been for my mom to have her mother in law taking over her kitchen moments after arriving from Flahrida! (that’s Florida)

    Anyway, gpa and I would return to a house filled with the smell of sugary sweet chocolate fudge! yummmm………

    thanks for invoking the memory….

  9. Well – and you have to rememebr here that I’m not Jewish OK, so my usual sunday smells, the bread maker, the coffee machine, and- sorry about this one folks- bacon frying

  10. Definitely bacon! (My sister the vegetarian says it’s the only meat she misses.) Savtadotty’s onions with a little garlic might do it too.

  11. Wasabi is horrible, nrg! I would go for Dawali or cinnamon drink.

  12. Welcome to something something , Tololy! Just googled Dawali, and it looks amazing!

    I think I’m rather pathetic, though. As I read through each of these comments, I realize more than ever just how much I enjoy food – I’m sitting here thinking, “yeah, that would wake me up”, “oh yes, I could definitely go for that”, “mmmm, bet that smells heavenly”.

    As for NRG’s wassabi suggestion, well, like or not, the smell is so strong I bet it would wake you up, though probably not in a terribly pleasant way. One sniff would probably cause your eyes to pop open wide as you suddenly bolted up into rigid sitting position, wondering what the hell happened!

  13. There was, of course, the musical aspect of this post, which was completely ignored here. What music would wake you up? Husband looked less than thrilled yesterday when I gave him a list of acceptable groups/genres that he should arrange for me to listen to, should I end up in a coma at any point. Nearly anything from the 80s, of course, and classic rock would also quite possibly do the trick. Show tunes, anyone?

  14. I’ll be honest, when I wrote this post, bacon was a very close second…sizzle, sizzle…

  15. Istanbul was Constantinople by They Might Be Giants… don’t know why.. just popped into my head. Anything by the Violent Femmes. The opening to Carmina Burana…

  16. It’s just amazing, what depths the human spirit is capable of plumbing. Delete.

  17. I did just that, Udge, as soon as I saw it. Could be the first time I’ve done so on this blog (and God knows I’ve had just cause before), because there are some things I simply refuse to tolerate.

  18. Quite right. There is a difference between “tolerant” and “doormat”.

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