Posted by: Liza Rosenberg | August 2, 2006

About the weather

Friday’s weather report as described by the English-language edition of Haaretz:

“Today and tomorrow will see temperatures dip, but don’t be alarmed, it’s only a blip. When the weekend ends and Sunday rears its head, the mercury will rise and you’ll be sweating instead. No change is seen for Monday, the last day of July, and August 1, they promise, will still be hot and dry.”

You’ve got wonder what’s going on their offices. Clearly a case of “frustrated writeritis”. I’ve got to admit, though, I like a newspaper that takes the time to invest in its weather reports that way. I first noticed it during the World Cup, when they included a pithy little soccer (or football, for all of you non-Americans out there)-related forecast. As I only buy the newspaper on Fridays, I don’t actually know if they take the time to be so meteorologically witty during the rest of the week. All I can say is I’ve never looked forward to a weather forecast as much as I do now…

Oh, and here’s an unrelated little tidbit of information… I discovered yesterday that the little one thinks that “Mommy works on the train”. I can see his reasoning, after all, he and his father drop me off at the train station in the morning, and then they pick me up there in the afternoon. Needless to say, we were highly amused.



  1. My local radio station does “Weather in a word”.
    Bin hearing a lot of that recently.

  2. Yeah, I’ve seen those Ha’aretz weather reports- they are cute! Better than what you hear on TV and radio this time of year: “Cham me’haragil”.

  3. lisoosh: I can imagine! Every time I speak to my parents’ they tell me how hot it’s been all week, and this has been going on for weeks now (pretty much since we left, in fact, driving through torrential rainstorms to get to the airport). Poor you! I hope you’ve got good AC!

    rr: Definitely better than what we hear on TV, though (getting out of my usual, more cerebral character for a moment) I must say the weather guy on channel 2 (Danny Deutch?) is quite nice on the eyes, so I couldn’t really care less what he says…

  4. Too funny! The weather here is always the same “Moderately cloudy with showers over some parts of the island.”

  5. beth: That is very, very sad. Here, there is pretty much no rain from late May/early June, through to September/October or so.

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