Posted by: Liza Rosenberg | August 3, 2006

And it’s goodbye from him…

He is I, I is He. And He is outta here.

Yep, I’ve been bunking off for some time now, as you might have noticed. And She has been doing a magnificent job, the blog has truly become hers and hers only. She is a great writer and needs her own platform, if you ask me, even bigger and better than this simple blogspace…

So, I’m leaving the blog, going back to my own little abode. Abode? Yep, some of you may well have been aware that I am, in fact, this guy…I enjoyed posting over here for a change, as most of you probably see me as a bit of a joker. And our plan was to shake up things a little bit on the Israeli blog scene, as we indicated in our very first post, but some people obviously didn’t like that…so we chilled and I slowly moved aside.

So, it really is goodbye from him. Cheers!



  1. Um…what?? “He” is really HIM? I always hate to ask if something is a joke, but…is this a joke?

  2. Not sure what you’re trying to say, but no joke. 🙂

  3. I’m confused. I thought He and She were a married couple?

  4. Nope! If you read our very first post, you’ll see the line, “As two “Anglos” living somewhere in Israel (two separate somewheres, to be exact…”, and later on, we mention our growing families (not family). While He is a very good friend whom I love dearly, we each have our own families. With so much going on in his life these days, He just doesn’t have the time he needs to deal with two blogs (and let me just add, that all credit for this blog goes to him. it was his idea for us to do this together, and he worked very hard to convince me to join). As he pointed out, he hasn’t posted here for a while, so essentially, we just wanted him to have a proper goodbye. If you haven’t read his other blog, I’d highly recommend it!

  5. I was pretty much asking the same thing Miki did- I thought you and “He” were a married couple, but you and Anglosaxy couldn’t be married- your family descriptions don’t match! So I was totally confused, but thankfully you cleared everything up with that last comment.

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