Posted by: Liza Rosenberg | September 13, 2006

Oui, Oui – it’s me…

For those of you who read French (I don’t), I was recently interviewed for a website called The article can be found here, and also mentions this blogger and this blogger.



  1. Interesting – particularly since Adrian (a.k.a. Expat Egghead) is an old friend and neighbor from my days living in Weybridge, Surrey. Small world!

    Now I’ve got to slog through the article – I skimmed it, but giving it a real read will require some effort. Merde…

  2. Congrats! Unfortunately I can’t get the page translated so I have no idea what you said, but I’m hoping it was along the lines of “Well THAT really cups my cake!” 馃槈

  3. i skimmed through it – mostly read the parts that quoted you. Well done! (and based on the quotes they used from your interview, it looks like you do speak fluent french :-p

  4. don: At least you can work your way through it! I don’t know any French, and have to rely on others to tell me what it says!

    beth: It certainly does at that! They sent me a list of questions in English, which I dutifully answered and sent back.

    nicole: Hardly. I don’t know any French, having decided to opt for Spanish as the language I learned (and subsequently forgot most of) in school.

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