Posted by: Liza Rosenberg | October 5, 2006

Birthday wishes

Well, I can’t remember the words to the Coco’s birthday song (not that I ever knew them all in the first place…), so I hope this will do. On the plus side, it’s not nearly as embarrassing as being serenaded by all those waiters, is it? 😉

Happy birthday to you…
Happy birthday to you…
Happy birthday dear NRG…
Happy birthday to you!

Hey everyone – feel free to leave birthday wishes for our birthday girl in the comments section, or if you prefer something more personal, send cards to her at the email address here on the blog and I’ll be sure to forward whatever I get. The sillier the better, and you get bonus points for creativity.



  1. Happy Birthday nrg, from a fellow Libra.

  2. gratulerer med fødselsdagen nrg!

    u know in sweden there’s this common joke: why do norwegians place two glasses by their beds, one full of water and one empty?

    – because they might drink and they might not.

    Hope your birthday will be full of full glasses of delightful drinks!

  3. Happy birthday to the person with the best name!

  4. Thank you all! It was a wonderful birthday!!

    Rami… når skal du ta den turen til Oslo, da?? 🙂

    Lisoosh, when’s your big day?

    Nicole… yes, the name rocks!

  5. Tawalod Mobarak !

  6. NRG – jag kommer snart, nasta manad kanska, jag vet inte nu! 🙂

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