Posted by: Liza Rosenberg | October 10, 2006

Living with the little one

I’ve spent a decent chunk of my son’s short life waiting to see the next thing he’d do. We anxiously awaited smiles, signs of recognition, rolling over, sitting up, walking, etc. I can still remember the tears of joy that spontaneously sprung from my eyes when he said “Mommy” for the first time, or the way I felt that my heart would explode when we went walking while holding hands. Most of all, more than anything, I waited for him to talk. I wanted to hear what he had to say, I wanted to find out if he had a sense of humor, I wanted to know his take on things. Needless to say, I haven’t been disappointed. He makes me laugh every day, and I’m touched when he shows tender concern. Here are just a few scenes from our life.

Several weeks ago, we went out to eat along the promenade in Tel Aviv. The husband and I had fish, while the little one ate our chips/french fries. At one point, my husband reached over and took a french fry from my plate. The little one whirled around and said to his father accusingly, “you took chips from Mommy’s plate!” He turned back to me, stroked my head to “comfort” me, then turned back to my husband, took his hand and said, “make nice to Mommy,” clearly wanting his father to apologize.

The little one likes to sing and dance (sadly, he’s not terribly good at either), and for a while, he was really into the song “I like to move it“, from the film “Madagascar“. His renditions were always rather quirky, as whenever I’d hear him singing it, I knew that I’d find him either completely naked or standing on something that he should not have been standing on (a table, the car), jumping up and down (not unlike the characters shown in the link to the song, above) while calling out, “I like to move it move it! I like to move it move it! I like to. MOVE IT!” Once, after a bath, he ran out to the patio naked, jumped into his empty kiddie pool, sat down and started playing the harmonica, which of course, preceded a naked rendition of the song. Never a dull moment in our house.

We keep a fan outside on the patio for barbecuing (my genius husband realized that he could save himself a lot of work by using a fan to fan the flames instead of going the typical Israeli route of kneeling next to the grill while madly waving pieces of cardboard over the fire). One afternoon, the little one plugged the fan into a hole in the barbecue stand. Just at that moment, the wind picked up, and needless to say, he was very surprised when the fan started to spin. My sense of humor being what it is, I chose not to explain about the wind, and instead let him think that plugging the fan into the barbecue would indeed activate the fan. After all, if there’s no entertainment value, what’s the point, really?

After a morning of snuggling in our bed, the little one decides he’s had enough and wants to go watch television in the living room. He climbs across me, and as he’s sliding with his back across my chest says, “There’s nipples under my back!”

Husband: Little One, what are you doing?
Little One: I’m farting.



  1. Too cute!

  2. Nothing like kids for enriching (and complicating) just about everything.

  3. I can only hope these joys await me, as the parent of a 9 month old. Having just discovered the secret to forward motion, Mum and I are still greatly amused when little one is making his way towards something he should not be, then realises we’re behind him. There’s a glace behind, a sudden priceless expression of horror, then a redoubling of speed in the hope he’ll make it and wreak havoc prior to our intervention. Ahhh kids…

  4. one day, ill know what its like. The way you put the anticipation into words makes it sound exciting.

  5. So cute and funny. You’re blessed. keep us up to date on the “adventures.” 😉

  6. LOL He sounds like an adorable riot! And what IS it with that “I Like to Move It” song- my kids couldn’t stop singing it after seeing that movie. I got really sick of it really fast 😦

  7. Now all is left is to show all of us the picture you keep in your wallet… 😉

    Anyway, an advise from someone who is a little ahead of you in the child raising bussiness. Be aware that children develop exponentialy, meaning, try to save as much of those rare moments by writing them down, recording and video taping. They will never return…

  8. I think my son bouncing up and down to “jeg lika moobi moobi” (a bizarre norwegian and english combo of the song with his annunciation issues included) is actually very sweet! I’d like to have a volume control button, but we can’t have it all…

  9. Tears! Tears of laughter! Thanks for sharing and brightening up my day!

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