Posted by: Liza Rosenberg | October 13, 2006

My life is a sitcom…

Not usually prone to blogging about family life with great frequency, and certainly not wanting to fall into the mommy blogger rut, what happened this afternoon was just to good to keep to myself. You just can’t make this stuff up!

There we were, sitting at the table having Friday afternoon lunch (which, barring unforeseen circumstances, is pretty much the only meal during the week in which I invest – today was fish for the adults and chicken for the little one, with rice for everyone). The little one suddenly, ahem, passes wind.

Husband: Little One, what was that?
Little One: Mommy.

Obviously, this little exchange was followed by raucous husband laughter and much protestation on my part. Several moments later, Husband turns to the little one again.

Husband: Who farted before?
Little One: Mommy.

Mommy: Little One, who farted?
Little One: Mommy. Daddy.




  1. Real funny!! kids are so cute especially when they start making up stuff that did not happen. enjoy your kid..they grow up fast before you know it!

  2. Classic!

  3. He has been taught well… my kids still take credit. with pride, in fact…which kind of scares me…

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