Posted by: Liza Rosenberg | October 18, 2006

Blogger Beta – Should I or Shouldn’t I?

Okay, it’s been brought to my attention by several well-meaning friends (both of whom I love dearly, lest they suspect that I’m taking the piss, which I’m not, at least not this time – they’ll know it when I am!) that it might not be a bad idea to jazz up my blog a bit, give it a little more pizazz, if you will. I’m inclined to agree, but to be honest, I’m afraid to take the plunge. Not that it couldn’t do with a little color and excitement, but I also don’t want to detract from the high quality of the writing :-).

One of the first things I’m thinking of doing is switching to Blogger Beta, but I’ve heard that it might be buggy. I like the design options that it provides, but I’m concerned that the negatives might outweigh the positives.

So, people who’ve switched to the Beta, can you tell me whether or not you’re happy with it, why or why not, yada yada yada? People who don’t know what I’m talking about, tell me what you’d like to see on the blog, whether it’s about the content or the look, I want to hear what you’ve got to say!



  1. i think your blog is just lovely.

  2. I have no idea what you’re talking about. So, now that we’ve established which group I am a part of… I think color is good. Now that the blog is entirely yours, make it more of a reflection of you, perhaps…(in addition to the amazing writing, of course). The only change you really made when He jumped ship (no offense, He!) was to put your name in, but otherwise, the blog doesn’t have anything that screams it’s become Liza’s to me… perhaps a Nepal color scheme? Free sangria on fridays? Links to good 80’s music? What do I know? I can’t even figure out what an HTML tag is…

    But with all the jazzing up you may or may not do, don’t change the writing…that’s where you shine through. Am I making my self perfectly clear, young lady? (insert stern voice here…)

  3. Design,, look & feel, interface???

    To my humble opinion, what’s so good about the blog is the writing. Do not forget it – content comes before appearance. But, I know sometimes ppl need a change so they renovate (I think it is mostly women but to not start flaming on me because of this remark). Anyway, a color scheme and such are not worth the transition (and I think they can be done on this site). Also note that you already have a good URL highly rated on Google.

    So to sum it all up – I’d say – renovate (do not move) and if u need a hand – let me know.

    And final thing – I agree with nrg – u should put some personal touch into it… put some stuff that you like to share with the world.

  4. No idea about the beta.. I am always here for the content, for your writing. I skip through other blogs, which feature stuff like videos and photos, but here i invest my time in reading your words.

    Maybe a little personal touch on the design would be nice.

  5. Speaking as someone (who is not a woman) that recently jazzed up their site…I have to agree with these other folks. Content is king (or queen). You can make some modification to your current template w/o going Blogger Beta. I think eventually everyone on Blogger will have to switch…but maybe by themm the bugs will be worked out.

  6. Ditch Blogger entirely & switch to Leave yr blogging past in the dust…

    When I had a Blogger blog lo these many moons ago EVERYTHING about it was buggy. I can’t imagine they’d produce any new blogging product that wouldn’t be.

  7. I guess its almost unanimous…the contents of your blog is primarily why most of us, your readers keep coming back, and that includes myself.

    On another note, I’m on beta blogger…recently moved there and so far, I can’t tell if there is any significant improvement/change from the original. I reckon its just like switching from Win 98 to Win XP, the latter being the beta version.

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