Posted by: Liza Rosenberg | October 23, 2006

Almost passing for trendy…

Finally. Finally, after a long, harsh summer, it seems that fall is starting to put in an appearance. The days are no longer oppressively hot, and nights are sublimely chilly – perfectly conducive to getting a good night’s sleep. Not to say that I am getting good nights of sleep, as the little one seems to be trying his best to thwart my intentions. But still, I’m used to being perpetually tired, so while a bit frustrating, it’s certainly not a tragedy on a grand scale, as grand scales go.

I just wish that the days would start to get cooler! I’m getting tired of wearing the same old clothes day in and day out, and am really looking forward to switching over to the winter wardrobe. I’ve pulled at the shirts with the ¾ sleeves and begun wearing regular shoes with socks, instead of the sandals that I’ve worn nearly every day since June. I’ll miss my capris, to be sure, but having forgotten a substantial number of pairs of trousers at my parents’ house several months ago, once I finally get them back in just a few weeks’ time when my parents arrive for their annual visit, it will be almost like having a few new pairs.

Most of all though, I can’t wait for jacket weather, and the reason why is this:

Do you remember how I went on and on about the beautiful Nepali fleece-lined jackets I purchased in Amsterdam? That’s right, folks. I cannot wait to start wearing this jacket (or its fraternal twin – the purply hooded Nepali fleece-lined jacket) everyday. I love this jacket. I love this jacket! I LOVE THIS JACKET! Do you understand what I’m saying? Am I making myself clear? I love the colors. I love the style. I can almost (though not quite) pass for trendy in this jacket. It was love at first site, in the funky Waterlooplein market, and our excitement over such a find was palpable. Not only was I in love, but my best friend approved of the match. You see, she’d been after me since seeing the contents of my suitcase and the obvious lack of color, and given that she’d also been privy to the descriptions of my clothing purchases in the US (I still don’t know how it worked out that a significantly high percentage of the shirts I’d acquired were black, brown, or a swirly combination of the two), she’d taken it upon herself to add a little color to my wardrobe, in addition to the color that she added to my life in general. Searches in some of the shops around the city proved fruitless, but our new find fit the bill perfectly. How excited were we?

But I digress. The jackets. Almost as much as I can’t wait to wear mine, I’m also chomping at the bit to dress the little one in his. How awesome is that little jacket? How awesome will we look traipsing about town in our Nepali fleece-lined jackets?! Unfortunately, it seems that the weather is going to remain decent for the foreseeable future, despite the teasingly cool mornings and the tantalizingly chilly evenings. For now, the little one is still wandering around in shorts and sandals, and looking (almost) trendy will have to wait.



  1. Beautiful! I join you in wishing for cold-enough weather.

  2. As do I. Got lots of jumpers waiting, not as cool as those, tho!

  3. it’s hard to get cooler than those!! Mine is not nearly as nice… grrr… but I wasn’t as desperately in need of a color infusion into my wardrobe. Not to mention, I bought two very cool and colorful scarves! 🙂

    Love the photo of little ones sandals in the stroller!!!

  4. Arik the Grouch says: “I hate winter! I hate the cold weather! I hate coats! I hate the rain! I hate freezing wind! I hate to be stuck at home or in the office!
    I like the blog’s new look!!! 🙂

  5. They’re lovely!

  6. Love the pictures up top, and the jackets!! This has put a whole new slant on the Liza picture. Before I was thinking curly brown hair, brown eyes, heart shaped face and a fondness for Talbots. Talbots has since been axed from the picture.

  7. Beth, Nope, Talbots and Jones New York would be me! 🙂

  8. Love the coats … !

    Hey you commented about Paulo Coelho on my site and then I had to lighten and repost the photo you posted on, losing your comment. I’m sorry.

    You’re more than welcome to repost but I know what you mean about Coelho. Back home in New Zealand, I have a book where a Spanish journalist interviewed him and it’s kind of superb.

    I searched for it but can’t remember the title or author but it’s worth a read if you find it.

  9. savtadotty: Thanks! Alas, it seems like summer isn’t willing to go without a fight. They promised rain for today, and the skies are still quite blue. I brought my jacket (the jacket) and umbrella just in case, though.

    tafka pp: You’re one up on me though. I desperately need sweaters, and don’t really have any!

    nrg: As I recall, yours was also rather stunning, despite the stripe issue. I regret not getting one of those scarves, especially after you showed me how to tie them!

    I also love that pic!

    Arik: You sound just like my husband! So Israeli… ;-P

    Glad you like the look, and thanks for your debug help!

    John: Thanks! Now you see, just one more reason why you guys must go to Amsterdam for your next weekend getaway!

    Beth: Talbots? TALBOTS? (No offense to nrg…) What, is this revenge for the DJ Tanner incident? 😉 While I do try to break the mold sometimes, I inevitably end up at The Gap or similar, and have a nasty habit of drooling over the LL Bean catalog. If I had to define my general style, I’d go with crunchy granola/hippy chick wannabe, with my inner preppie sometimes putting in a surprise appearance.

    Would kill to have naturally curly, long hair…

    Glad you like the pics!

  10. NRG – Alright, so I picked the wrong friend. 😉 Liza – I was dying when I saw your picture. Where do I come up with my images?! The hair was similar though…

  11. Hey beth, am heading back to Dublin in two weeks! Had such a blast there in August that I am dragging hubby back from the 9-12 of Nov. Any romantic restaurant suggestions? 🙂

    And what’s wrong with Talbots??? Hmmmmmm???? Although I must admit that I spent more time in Eddie Bauer last visit… 😉

  12. NRG – That’s a good question and one of my friends just recently asked the same thing. I’ll do a post about it this week!

  13. fall is my favorite season, and i love the jackets!

  14. LOVE those jackets! I don’t blame you for being eager to wear yours and dress your little guy in his. And I know what you mean about waiting for Fall to FINALLY arrive and being able to switch to the winter wardrobe. I too am sick of my summer clothes and want to start wearing long sleeves, sweaters, etc. The weather is so teasing in this country. Cold and rainy one day, and then hot (like today!) the next. It’s crazy, man!

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