Posted by: Liza Rosenberg | February 26, 2007

How well do you really know me?

Wow. Not only have I been tagged again, but I’ve been double-tagged for the same meme – once by Tololy and once by Stefanella (and I hope she’s enjoyed doing this meme more than the last one that I tagged her with). Before I get to the meme, though, I just want to toot my own horn a bit and point you towards an interview that I was asked to do for the website ExpatInterviews, which also includes among its many pages interviews with Rami, Beth and Lisa. My interview can be found here, and for any of you expats out there who might be reading this and feel that you have something to offer to other expats or prospective expats, you can either download the interview questionnaire here, or drop an email to Lizza, one of the site owners, and she’ll get you started.

And now for the meme. Since one of the tags asked for five things that you probably don’t know about me (Tololy’s) and the other asked for ten (Stefanella’s), I’ve decided to go with seven, if I can come up with that many. Not that my life is an open book, but there are some things that you will never know about me, if I can help it…

  1. I was born on the day that Robert F. Kennedy was shot.
  2. I was born with several rare birth defects, all of which were surgically corrected.
  3. I used to shoot archery. I had several different types of bows (compound, recurve) and my own set of high-quality arrows. When I was in fifth grade, I beat a sixth-grade girl in a competition and won a 20 pound turkey (it was just before Thanksgiving). I also participated in the 1980 Empire State Games for archery. I was the youngest competitor (I was 12), and came in dead last.
  4. When I was six years old, I wanted to be a boy. I was always being picked last for kickball teams at recess. That stopped when I became better than the boys. I remained a tomboy throughout my youth, though, and have never been a girly girl.
  5. If I get really excited while arguing, I sometimes start to cry and can’t control it. On the other hand, at times when it is “acceptable” to cry, I usually can’t do it if there are other people around.
  6. I don’t do public displays of grief, and can’t stand having people feel bad for me. I don’t like people to see me when I’m vulnerable, and I’ve rarely let anyone get close enough to see that.
  7. I’ve had 12 permanent teeth removed due to spacing issues.

It seems like most people have already been tagged for this one. Hmmm… I’ll tag Anglosaxy, Jessica, Life Out East, and Benji.



  1. How bizarre… the only one of those I didn’t realize was #1… and I could have figured it out, since I know when you were born!

  2. Sorry about the birth defects, glad they were fixed.
    Congrats on winning the turkey.
    Ditto on the crying in arguments thing, I hate it.
    Ditto on the public displays of grief thing.
    Bummer about the teeth.

  3. Also bizarre, I share the exact same crying problem as you…or i should say, did for many years…until recently. Almost immediately after i gave up my eating disorder, i began crying at everything, including commercials on tv, as cliche as it sounds!

  4. Très sympa ton blog, j’aime beaucoup.
    kol akavod

  5. I loved your list. I think the archery thing is so cool. And I am so glad about your overcoming the birth defects. Your parents must have been so stressed.

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