Posted by: Liza Rosenberg | March 22, 2007

Killing three birds with one stone

It would seem that all of the antics being played out in government circles until now were merely child’s play – a warm up for the main event, so to speak. Apparently, our brilliant Finance Minister, Avraham Hirshson, has allegedly embezzled millions of dollars over the past few decades. That’s right. Millions. And this is the man who is ultimately responsible for our national budget. Can anyone else see the irony in this, or is it just me?

This latest twist in the ongoing embarrassment known as the Israeli government has gotten me thinking. Israeli society seems overwrought with problems these days. One would be the aforementioned “embarrassment” (I’ve lost track of the number of current Knesset members who have either already been investigated for wrongdoings or are currently under investigation, not to mention those who are suspected of wrongdoings, but given the backlog, have not yet begun to be investigated). Another issue that one hears about periodically is the overcrowding in Israeli prisons. Yet another problem plaguing our society is unemployment. So, here’s what I propose. Why not kill three birds with one stone? Let’s bring in outside contractors to physically turn the Knesset building into a new prison. Construction and maintenance would provide employment, and locking the criminals inside the building where they’re already spending a great deal of time anyway would save on space and logistical problems in the overcrowded prisons.

Given the dizzying speed at which our Knesset members are sliding down the slippery slope of freakishly bad behavior, and given the fact that most regular Israelis no longer have any respect for the government, the presidency or any of the symbols that represent these entities, turning the Knesset building into one big correctional facility that specializes in the rehabilitation of politicians might go along way towards repairing an untold number of our societal woes, especially if the money for maintenance is forceably removed from the increasingly well-lined pockets of those locked within its walls.

And, just for kicks, I think that all structural changes to the building should be made using the Pal-Kal method…



  1. strange, this reminds me of another Israeli blog that I read which talked about international aid to the palestinians and how it all ends up lining the pockets of those in power instead of going where it’s needed…

    I can’t imagine this comment will be received well….but it’s just all that glass houses and stones stuff…

    I am starting to doubt whether politicians anywhere can be honest for any length of time before succumbing to the possible benefits of their power positions…

  2. In “The Last Continent”, by Terry Pratchett, when one of the characters (probably Rincewind) asks to get in touch with the Prime Minister, he is told that the Prime Minister is in prison. This statement is then qualified: “We put all of our politicians in prison shortly after they’re elected – it saves time.”

    And that’s supposed to be a commentary on Australia.

    I cannot think of a single country in the world, where the same sentiments would not apply.

    Having said that, Hirschson is a disgrace. It’s just that he’s not the only disgrace.

  3. Well, the man sure fits his job. Seems that he has previous expirience with large sums of money which some of he was even giving special care carrying it in a suitcase from country to country.

    The man knows how to handle money. It sure qualifies him 😉

  4. I think maybe we should adopt that policy of imprisoning all officials shortly after they are elected. The US isn’t proving to be any great exception in the abuse of power category…

  5. “Can anyone else see the irony in this, or is it just me?”

    I would say I can see a perfect sense in putting a sated thief in charge of the tresury, in the hope that he will steal less than a hungry one 😉

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