Posted by: Liza Rosenberg | March 27, 2007

And they called it panda love…

Beth’s story about her new neighbors made me laugh out loud this morning. If you ask me, though, it’s probably better than living near the Chiang Mai Zoo in Thailand these days. I mean, seriously. Panda porn?

According to this article on the Sky News website,

“A panda bear is being shown porn films to ignite his passion and teach the right
way to romp.”

Maybe they should show him the video made last year in the Euro Disney dressing rooms…



  1. I saw that story in the Metro this morning! All I could think was “even the pandas are getting in on it!”

  2. They’ve said here that if the panda porn fails to even raise a smile then it’s over to more scientific methods. Can’t be easy with the whole world watching you day and night, maybe they just need a quiet room somewhere.

  3. wow… and I thought this kind of porn movies is illegal

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