Posted by: Liza Rosenberg | June 5, 2007


…from a unisex company washroom.

It is better to have picked up the toilet seat and left it up, than never to have picked it up at all.



  1. You’ve been in Israel too long if you’re writing “then” instead of “than”. Or maybe you’re just too old now and have forgotten basic English? Happy Birthday!

  2. Probably a bit of both…

    Will fix it in a jiffy.

  3. LOL!!!! That was hysterical!! Thank God we are still separating the sexes here…
    Happy happy birthday, SR!!!

  4. So true!! And I say this as a man (we have to sit down every so often also …)

  5. oh – oops! Almost forgot (ok, did forget):

    Happy Birthday! 馃檪

  6. Oh and don’t you feel relieved when you walk into the co-ed powder room at your workplace (where men outnumber women) and find that the seat is up?

    (Happy birthday!)

  7. LOL! Happy Birthday!!

  8. I LOATHE unisex bathrooms. My first experience with one was my first job in Israel. Just the sight of the guy walking in made me never want to go there again.

    Happy B-day!

  9. Blech, so true…

    PS I loved the Partridge family comment – iit brought back such fond memories:-)

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