Posted by: Liza Rosenberg | June 12, 2007

A Brief Display of Shameless Self-Promotion…

I’ve been busy busy busy these days, and it looks like I’m finally taking the freelance writing plunge, without actually giving up the dreary but lucrative technical writing.

First, check out the post I’ve uploaded to my newest play area – Israelity. Be sure to let the powers that be know what you think. Feel free to leave comments here and there. I’ll be popping up there from time to time, and you can expect to see quite a few posts from me over there in the future.

Second, while I can’t go into the finer details, I’m going to have two columns in a new monthly publication, which is being produced by one of Israel’s daily newspapers. Once column involves political/current events commentary, while the other deals with domestic news and commentary. Pretty exciting stuff, if I do say so myself. And, if that weren’t exciting enough, you’ll never guess who the magazine’s photographer is going to be…

Oh, and in case you haven’t noticed the new links on my sidebar, I’ve joined both Facebook and MySpace, ostensibly for networking purposes, but I must admit, I’ve been enjoying the opportunity to find old friends as well. Serious time suck…



  1. Excellent news!!

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