Posted by: Liza Rosenberg | June 14, 2007

Oh my God, it’s been two whole years!

It all began two years ago today with this post, after my former blogging partner convinced me that I needed to start blogging again, following an approximately year-long hiatus brought on by my general inability to get my shit together multi-task on a grand level after the Little One was born. He even agreed to be my partner in crime, figuring that between the two of us, we would certainly be able to maintain a decent blogging schedule. We all know how that worked out. Despite our little “break-up”, we’ve remained good friends, and he even helped me out with a minor blog emergency yesterday, when I suddenly realized that I needed to make an urgent change to yesterday’s post but was nowhere near a computer. Two text messages and a phone call later, and I can safely say that my reputation has been preserved. It’s amazing how the lack of a simple strike-through can send a writer into a tailspin…

Two years full of rants, politics, humor, and burn-out combined with more or less equal parts of cynicism, sarcasm and merriment (not to mention copious amounts of caffeine), and I’m astonished by how much this one little website has changed my life. It’s given me many wonderful new friends, including several who I hope to meet facetoface one day (and for those of you who feel left out, this is just a short list. Obviously, I’d love to meet most of you, and I didn’t include those I knew before I began blogging, or those regular commenters who don’t have their own blogs).

Not only has this blog provided me with some pretty amazing people in my life, but it has also been a platform for getting my writing noticed, something I have always wanted to do, but prior to blogging, was never quite sure how to go about it. This blog has been mentioned in a variety of publications and other websites, and excerpts have been reprinted in a variety of venues. I have been interviewed for different websites, and thanks to posts I’ve written about bringing the Little One into the world, I’ve been asked to share my experiences for a book that is currently being written. I’m often in awe of all the places where links to this blog have turned up, and am honored to be included in the blogrolls of several well-connected, well-respected bloggers. This blog has led to various writing gigs, and I’d be lying if I didn’t say I was both proud of and pleased with what I’ve managed to create. I’m also proud of the community that has developed (for the most part) and the exchanges that have taken place in the comment sections, despite differences of opinion. Even some of my regular commenters have managed to connect with one another, as evidenced by a recent meeting in Oslo between nrg and Rami (I have photo proof), who was in the city for a conference last week.

It hasn’t always been easy, and there have definitely been times when I’ve considered quitting, times when I’ve wondered what I’d gotten myself into. Then I take an overall look at what I’ve accomplished both personally and professionally, and I think of the joy I’ve taken in writing many of the posts (peruse the “Favorite Posts” section in the sidebar to see those entries of which I’m most proud), and I know that at this stage, quitting is just not an option. Besides, it seems that I’ve got a few incredibly supportive, amazing friends who can be even more stubborn than me (imagine that!), and they always push me to continue and cheer me on from the sidelines (thanks, guys! you’re the best!). So yeah, if I had to lay a wager, I’d say that you’re definitely going to be stuck with me for the time being, for better or for worse.


  1. Congratulations on your 2 year milestone! I hope to reach that one myself in 15 months:-) Yours is a quality blog and I am so glad that it has brought good things your way, esp. writing gigs. For the writer, that’s the very best reward:-)

    PS Here’s hoping to meet you one day, too….If my work takes me back to Palestine via Israel, that could happen…

  2. Keep going, no matter how many more crazy right-wing campaigns are spontaneously mounted against you: We love this blog, love your writing- and you’re not bad yourself!

  3. Wow, two years, that’s really something something! Sorry, couldn’t resist. 😉 Congrats, and I certainly hope we will meet face to face – just not in a Talbots.

  4. oh wow.. happy anniversary, one can say! I had a nice time meeting with NRG and I hope to meet you one day. I have a good feeling that we will.

    Keep blogging, I’ll never miss a post.

  5. Go girl, go!! Keep up the good work and keep those fingers tapping. Great stuff!!
    I’ve tagged you with a meme that should be up your street.

  6. hahah! Congrats :0. Ditto on the hope to meet in person one day. So what’s year three going to bring? I guess you’re going to need stubborn friends around to push you, just like I do, but I don’t doubt that this year will bring new and fabulous things worthy of a post. hopefully published things too 😉

  7. Congrats on your blogiversary! I really like the wide variety of your posts.

  8. Wow, congrats! Your blog is really fun to read and I enjoy it a lot, thanks for writing 🙂

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