Posted by: Liza Rosenberg | July 10, 2007

The Anglo-Israeli Blogosphere, part 2…

For those of you who read Hebrew (and especially for those of you who can read it AND understand it), the post that I wrote here has been edited, rewritten, and translated, and can now be found here on the Nana website. I’ll put up the final English version soon…



  1. Looks good! But for those of us who can read and understand Hebrew, but are too lazy to do so, please post the English version 🙂

  2. Excellently written! And thanks for the plug 🙂


  3. ok, I pulled up the link, just to take a peek. Yikes! For those of us who, despite not really being lazy, cannot read OR understand Hebrew… pretty please post the english version (or norwegian if that’s quicker for you!)

  4. And you even got some angry comments already! Go girl!

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