Posted by: Liza Rosenberg | August 27, 2007

See Liza run…

Well hey there everyone. I didn’t mean to pull a runner yesterday, but life has been totally hectic with my parents here, unexpected deadlines at work and so on. We’ve been running around the country, hitting such spots as the Sanhedrin burial caves at Beit Shearim, the old city in Acco, the Neve Tzedek neighborhood and Jerusalem. I’ll write a more extensive post with photos after they leave tomorrow and life has returned more or less to normal (it won’t return to complete normalcy until the Little One has returned to pre-school next Sunday), but just wanted to mention a few of the highlights of their visit.

The Jerusalem Time Elevator. We went yesterday, and the effects were great! The seats move in accordance with what you’re seeing on the screen, and it was brilliant. I did feel sorry for the couple that took the “walk of shame”, though. Part way through the film, there was a pause and the lights came on, and the reason for the pause (announced, of course) was that someone in the moving seats wasn’t feeling well, and had asked to move to the stationery seats (and no, it wasn’t me!). We all sat and watched as a young couple made their way to the new seats quickly and silently, before the lights were dimmed once again and the movie restarted.

Manta Ray. My parents and I spent a fabulous day in Tel Aviv with Savta Dotty, whom they met when we were all in Florida in April. Savta Dotty took us to lunch at Manta Ray, making her a star forever in my parents’ eyes. The food was divine. The dessert was unbelievable. Sitting at a table overlooking the Mediterranean, we chatted over the salads, laughed over the fish and seafood, drooled over the chocolate concoction with four spoons moving furiously between plates and mouths. The service was excellent, and we will definitely be going back. Lunch was followed by a stroll through Neve Tzedek, where we wandered around the grounds of the Suzanne Dellal Center, strolled in and out of the small galleries and shops scattered about the neighborhood (which is undergoing some serious gentrification these days), and even managed to acquire a beautiful necklace from the gallery of Ayala Bar, as Savta Dotty found herself an amazing pair of earrings.

The Sanhedrin burial caves. The contents of the caves were interesting to see, and given the fabulously cool temperatures underground, this place is the perfect outdoor summer excursion. From the caves, we went to lunch on Moshav Beit Shearim, and dined at a restaurant called “Ha’kdera Shel Noga” (Noga’s Stew). To put it mildly, the food was simply outstanding, not to mention beautifully presented. The setting was gorgeous, the service was excellent, and don’t forget to order the parfait for dessert.

Anyway, that’s about all I have time for at the moment. Stay tuned for more details (and photos) later on in the week…



  1. Hmmm…I associate the “walk of shame” with something else. (That’s just summer camp talking.)

  2. A day that involves the Med, chocolate desserts and earring shopping?! No fair!

  3. now I’m curious, Benji!!

    Liza, Can’t wait to see the folks when they hit the great white north!!! 🙂 Wish they’d brought you and the little one along, though!

  4. Glad you’ve had such a good time- I’m so sorry I wasn’t available the day of the Time Elevator trip (I got the message at 11pm- a little too late for your needs, I felt!)

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