Posted by: Liza Rosenberg | September 7, 2007

Emanuel (z”l)

After graduating from college, I travelled to Israel for what was supposed to be ten-months. Four months on, I met the Husband. Once my ten-month program was complete, I opted to stay for the summer, and we moved in together. Towards the end of the summer, when we were discussing my immediate plans, I remarked that if we could get a puppy, I’d stay. Fifteen years later, I’m still here, but sadly, that “puppy” is no longer with us.

Emanuel 1992-2007


  1. I’m so sad for and with you.

  2. hugs……we lost our “Fonzie” a couple of years back and it’s not easy. The kids still talk about him often and that he’s up in the clouds. Maybe he and Emanuel will be buds! 🙂 Hang in there……


  3. I’m so sorry. What a beautiful dog he was!

  4. Awww.
    Hubby and I share a dog we got when we first got together (he was born in Beersheva and we brought him with us).
    He is on his last legs now.
    I’m so sorry- a whole peice of your life together just left, you must be heartbroken.
    And he was a beautiful dog.

  5. Good bye little Emanuel. I’m so sorry I never got to meet you… but you were the source of many smiles!!

    I’m so sorry, Liza! Hugs from all of the Guttormsens. We love you!

  6. im so sorry to hear this news. he is in a calmer place now. hugs…

  7. I only just saw this. I’m such a clod; should ahve thought to ask you last week.

    My sincerest condolences, he was a truly sweet animal, and he was very lucky to have lived with you.

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