Posted by: Liza Rosenberg | January 1, 2008

Out with the old and in with the new

Happy New Year! Not, of course, that you’d know it was any sort of special day around these parts, given that both December 31st and January 1st are considered regular days here, and while more and more local establishments are going out of their way to offer special New Year’s Eve meals and celebrations, I think it’s safe to say that Tel Aviv won’t be giving Sydney, Australia a run for its money any time soon.

Of course, just because Israel doesn’t celebrate the New Year in any official manner, that doesn’t mean that Israelis aren’t spending time summing up the past year and making resolutions for 2008.  And, as you can see, I’ve decided to use the occasion to give this blog a makeover. As of today, January 1st, 2008, something something has both a new home and a sleek new look.

Once you’re done admiring the new format, be sure to check out the different pages I’ve created, from the two new “About” sections to the “Come find me” section, and don’t forget to check out “The rules“. As for content, let’s see what the future holds, shall we?

All the old posts and comments are here, but please be patient as a I rebuild the blogroll,  add the bells and whistles, and continue to tweak the template. Oh, and for those of you who use Microsoft Internet Explorer, you may want to consider switching to Firefox, as the blog doesn’t display properly in IE (a problem I hope to iron out with the WordPress Tech Support Department).

So, what do you think??


  1. Looks great!

  2. Very nice! (not sure about the picture though – you look overworked and stressed, which I’m sure is not true 🙂
    And why worry about people who don’t use Firefox?

  3. FWW, I use Firefox (albeit on a Mac), and your masthead illustration (which looks like it is magnificent, btw) only displays the top half.

    Happy 2008.

  4. Safari (on the Mac) truncates the lower half of the illustration too. I’ll have to wait until I get home to view the whole thing on a PC-based Firefox.

  5. Neither IE nor Firefox on W2K SP4 seem to be fans of the bottom half of your head Liza …

    Exciting stuff! Now waiting in keen antici… pation for 2008’s wisdom!

  6. looks great, in IE too, though didn’t know you are now a redhead… 🙂 ooops, maybe i just killed the illusion for some of your more gever gever readers…?
    come over and see my new look, still tweaking, and i hope you’ll forgive me for the orange…

    Happy New Year!

  7. Mazal Tov!

  8. Congrats and happy new year. I love the new header!

  9. A new year, a new look, what’s not to like?! I appreciate your rules section – that sounds just about right. I, too, am having problems with your banner. Perhaps you only wanted a half an image?

  10. תתחדשי!

  11. Congratulation with the new place, may it grow and prosper.

    I was told, however, that it is a bit of a pain in the neck with images. How do you feel about it?

  12. It looks lovely dear, you are quite the pro. Wishing you and the family a fabulous 2008! love Rachx

  13. Love it! Happy New Year!

  14. Blessings and a Happy New Year to you, dear Liza.

  15. Liza: The new look is great. It reflects your evolution as a writer and traveler into the higher levels of the blogosphere. I continue to be delighted by your insights, clarity, humor, and musical memories! All the best for 2008.

  16. I like the new digs! Happy New Year!

  17. Nice.

  18. Go Liza!!! It looks great!

    Happy new year 🙂

  19. Hmm.. just one small comment… why is the hebrew blogs are at the end of the list of “Meet the locals”… 😉

  20. Liza, I love the new look!

    I wish you a happy and successful 2008, good health and all the other good things you can think of!

  21. And a big thank you to all who commented – and especially those who complimented! I’m still working out the kinks, and hope to fix the header image issue tomorrow morning, so thanks for your patience!

    I am overworked and stressed! Now if only I had her gorgeous hair…

    Not sure I have any gever gever readers. Are you a gever gever? 😉

    Aside from the header image issue, I haven’t had other problems yet. One potential problem is that WordPress only offers 50 MB of space for storage – anything above that must be paid for. I’ll cross that bridge when I come to it, if I see that it’s really a problem.

    The Hebrew blogs are at the end because I like them less, of course! 😛

  22. 21 comments! So popular!

  23. that would be 22, Benji!!! (23 with this one!!). Liza is indeed our popular girl!!! But I do miss the photo of the little one’s feet sticking out from under the blanket in the stroller!

  24. The new home looks great!!! But yeah, I miss the little one’s feet!!

  25. I miss the cactii.

  26. hmm… I do not want to be a ruin the party, but how about posting something (something)?


  27. I must side with Arik… where’s my video from yesterday??? ;-D

  28. Hi
    I just stumbled upon your blog. It’s great. As a mom in Toronto who lived for many years in Israel (many as TW), I salute you.
    Your design is fab.

  29. Hi Ilana,

    Welcome to something something! Thanks for all the compliments! So, you worked as a TW here, eh? Depending on when you were here, I wouldn’t be surprised if we have “people” in common.

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