Posted by: Liza Rosenberg | February 11, 2008

Bloggers and toolbars and readers! Oh my!

I realize that I haven’t been writing much lately, but that doesn’t mean that I’ve been neglecting my blog. Okay, maybe I have been neglecting my blog, but only a little. Just because I haven’t been sharing the usual amount of scintillating, witty prose, I have been keeping busy. To use the technical term, I’ve been tweaking. Adding a few bells and whistles, and polishing the old blogroll. If you take a look at the blogroll these days, you’ll not only see quite a few new blogs listed, but I’ve also added a new category – Writing about Writing, and expanded the Family & Childraising category.

Speaking of family and childraising, one of my new favorite daily reads these days is a blog called Motherhood: The Ultimate Survivor. Without a doubt, this happens to be one of the funniest blogs I’ve ever read. Every single entry has me in hysterics, and unless you’re the perfect mother (in which case, I hate you. Go away…), you’ll have no trouble identifying with Sharon’s trials and tribulations. Oh, and in addition to her fabulous blog, Sharon is also collecting “candid confessions and revelations about mothering experiences” for a project that she’s putting together. If you’ve got some interesting motherhood stories to share, click here to see what she’s looking for.

My other new favorite daily read is a blog called My Shrapnel. Gila was seriously injured in a terror attack six years ago, and recently started a blog to share her experiences. Don’t let the nature of the topic fool you. She writes with an exquisite sense of humor, and while it may be a turn-off for some to see humor injected into such a heartrending subject, as one whose sense of humor has gotten her through some of the darkest times in her life, I can only sit and laugh hysterically as Gila takes us through these otherwise horrific events.

Aside from the blogroll, I’ve added a number of little bells and whistles to make things just a bit more interesting around here. Subscribing to this blog is easier than ever, simply by clicking the links for subscribing in either an RSS reader or via email. Even more exciting is the banner on the right, enticing you to “accelerate your search”. Thanks to a company called Conduit, you can now download the brand new something something toolbar, which includes, among other things, a search option (using the Google search engine), a link to the new something something chat forum (allowing you to sign in and chat with other something something readers in real time), a configurable email notifier, a news ticker (using a selection of feeds that were handpicked by yours truly), a link to online radio, a configurable weather link (which defaults to the location where your computer’s IP address is based), and, most importantly, a link to this blog.


I’m still playing around with the configuration options, but the toolbar is up and running, as you can see if you click the image above. Download it, play with it, and be sure to keep clicking the button labeled “lizarosenberg.wordpress”, which takes you back to something something.



  1. well your tweaking explains why all the rss settings for your feed got messed up for me (I redid them and all is fine now)

  2. Welcome back to life 😉

  3. Yours looks like an interesting nook, look forward to coming back often:)

  4. Does this mean I can now look forward to Richard Marx next Sunday?

  5. Right Here Waiting for You????? Please??? Can we do Rick Astley after that????

  6. Wow! I came here to catch up on my reading and lo and behold, I’m featured in your blog! thank you for your kind words – it has inspired me to write as a I’m a few days behind. maybe how my husband didn’t give me a card on our anniversary perhaps? Hmmm…….

    Thank you again!

  7. yes, Sharon , you are a few days behind and I am in desperate need of a good laugh! My daughter watched Liam fall of the couch again last night. Loves that clip!

  8. Thanks for the mention. Am quite jealous of all the bells and whistles. All of it is quite beyond me….

  9. Impressive!

    You’ve been tagged, check my blog for details!

  10. Gulp, I am clicking over to My Shrapnel…. Thanks for the suggestion.

    PS Did I mention I am a perfect mother? Cough.

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