Posted by: Liza Rosenberg | March 11, 2008

Something Something in the News

Late last week, I posted two blog entries about a rather disturbing error on an official UN web site. I mentioned the story to a journalist friend, who agreed with me that it was indeed newsworthy, and promptly wrote an article about the unfolding of these events.

The article can be found in Hebrew on the Nana internet portal, and with any luck, I’ll post a translation of it here at some point during the coming days.



  1. כל הכבוד לך ויישר כח 🙂

  2. תודה תודה! 🙂

  3. מה גם אני יכול לרשום פה בעברית?


  4. כן ידידי. גם אתה יכול לכתוב כאן בעברית.


  5. כל אחד יכול לרשום כאן בעברית

    אזה כף לנו


  6. Good for you. The UN has some highly politicized employees in Lebanon, I’ll bet they are stewing now. Ha.

  7. All hail Liza! Triumph over UN bureaucracy is something something.


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