Posted by: Liza Rosenberg | April 11, 2008

Dear Luggage… Wish you were here…

Dear Luggage, Having a great time in Florida. Wish you were here.

I’m blogging from the beautiful city of Sarasota on Florida’s West Coast, having arrived this morning with the Little One. We flew to the US via Paris, and while we only had 20 minutes there, our luggage was fortunate enough to have spent the night. With any luck, it will reach us some time tomorrow, but for the time being, I’m trying to stay awake until my load of laundry is finished, a load that consists of just two days’ worth of clothes, as a lightning trip to Target produced rather unsatisfactory wardrobe and footwear results. On the plus side, I’m now the proud owner of two oversized New Jersey t-shirts, courtesy of stores in the vicinity of Newark Airport, and I’ve discovered that one can buy ladies underwear in the gift shop of the Newark Airport Holiday Inn, especially if one is not terribly discerning or averse to white cotton briefs.

The Little One was thrilled to see his grandparents, breaking into a run as he spotted them on the far side of the security barrier. And, chances are higher than you might expect that he was even more thrilled to see the Buzz Lightyear action figure that his grandmother slowly pulled out of her bag, absentmindedly thrusting his new Diego doll (acquired less than three hours earlier) at me in favor of the beloved Buzz.

Oooh! Laundry’s done. Stay tuned for updates, preferably at a time when I’m not so discombobulated that, while telling my brother over the phone about the Little One’s new action figures, it takes me a few moments to realize that I’ve actually referred to them several times as Boody and Wuzz. 




  1. Did your luggage write back yet? That stinks…hope you get it soon!

  2. What is it about Buzz Lightyear? I have a three-year old friend who wants all Buzz all of the time. Turns out that there is an astonishing variety of Buzz dolls in this world. I sometimes wonder about what he represents, which is a sort of clueless and/or delusional bravado. However, I’m probably over-analyzing here!

  3. I try to look on the bright side of lost luggage – at least you didn’t have to haul it off the carousel! 😉

  4. Excuse my french… 😉
    No chance that a 20 min connection will make the luggage go from one plain to another in Europe. Only in Chicago my suitcase was faster than I was to the plain 😉 in a 10 min connection.

    Glad to hear that you landed safely.
    And just to inform you that we got our Visa to AU the day you left – is it a sign?

  5. My kids love Buzz, too- what is it with that guy?

    Have a fantastic trip, hope your luggage arrives soon, and say hi to Target for me 🙂

  6. hate to say I told you so…

    …no, that’s really not true, I have to admit that I usual derive great pleasure from telling people I told them so… I like to be right. Oh well…

    Hope the luggage find its way to you soon! We miss having you in a closer time zone!


  7. so that’s where you are – have a good time!
    Ad ope you asked the airline for cash/vouchers to buy emergency clothing and supplies – they’ll give it to you but you have to ask… (says the person who has never managed to arrive with her luggage on the same flight – I’m an expert now at getting what I can out of the airlines and insurance companies…)

  8. People flying through Paris should expect their baggage to go astray. It’s most probably languishing in Murmansk.

    Anyhow, enjoy your stay (Florida?).

  9. Welcome home again! Air France has THE worst rep for lost luggage, all my friends that fly them now use their carry-ons to pack anything they need within the first three days of a trip.

    I’m sorry your first shopping trip was under compulsion and not for fun! I hope you, Little One, and the Grandparents thoroughly enjoy this trip away.

    Hey, I bronzed your emails. Very fun. 🙂

  10. After my daughter finally found clothes for her difficult to fit 13 year old daughter, they never reunited after traveling from AZ to Italy.

    only shtuyot problems, please

  11. […] feels like a distant memory on the one hand, yet it still somehow seems like yesterday that we landed at Newark Airport without our luggage. By the way, we did receive the luggage the day after we arrived in Sarasota, after being told […]

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