Posted by: Liza Rosenberg | July 12, 2008

So you wanna be a renegade writer…

After years of whining about debating whether to take the plunge into writing, an opportunity has presented itself, an opportunity that will allow me to test the waters in a relatively safe manner, guaranteeing a relatively steady income , while at the same time leaving me with enough hours on the side to take on other projects and try to sell stories. For the time being, I’m not giving up the day job, as they’ve agreed to my request to switch from full-time hours to part-time hours – a move that makes sense for both sides, given the dearth of work I’ve had lately.

I’m very excited! And slightly nauseous. This has been a huge, scary decision for me, and I’m taking it very seriously. I’ve started a database for story ideas, signed up for various online groups and mailing lists, and queried my writer friends (especially Beth, Lisa and Stephanie) whenever I’ve had questions and concerns about freelancing (I owe you guys so much!). I’ve read through my very own copy of 2008 Writer’s Market, and my first issue of The Writer (recommended by Beth) should reach my mailbox sometime in the next three to four weeks. And again, at Beth’s suggestion (that woman is a treasure trove of information – if you’re a writer, be sure to check out her writing blog, Hell or High Water. It’s totally fabulous!), I got myself a copy of The Renegade Writer, as well as the follow-up book, Query Letters that Rock, both written by Diana Burrell and Linda Formichelli.

Wow! These books (and the women who wrote them) are amazing! I know I can write (what with various friends taking turns at beating it into my head over the years and all), and I made the decision to jump into freelancing before reading these books, but as I wrote in my last post, I feel like I’m lacking with regard to the technical aspects of this profession. These two books cover all the issues that kept me awake at night (at least with regard to writing; they didn’t do much for my concerns about the Little One starting at a new pre-school in the fall, or the fact that I just can’t seem to stay away from Oreo cookies lately…), not to mention many that I hadn’t yet thought of. I finished the first book, and I’m about halfway through the second, and the informative, entertaining tone makes me want to drop everything else and just write. I love their hip (yes, I’m still using that word – sue me!), humorous style, and their tips and hints for getting ahead in the world of freelancing by using and bending the rules has me chomping at the bit to forge ahead, to finally make a serious attempt to work doing something I love.

I want to be a renegade writer.



  1. can’t believe i have to read all this news on your blog, instead of hearing it in person!
    Congrats on taking the plunge 🙂
    Does part-time work mean you can come and visit?

  2. Congratulations. I’m in a similar situation. It’s encouraging to find others who are taking the freelancing plunge. Good luck!

  3. Yay! I’m so excited that everything has fallen into place for you!! I can’t wait to hear more about how it all works. And thank you for the compliments!! 🙂

  4. Congratulations, Liza! I wish I was anywhere near the point where you are at right now, but that’s going to take me a while still. I wish you good luck, but I am confident that you will do just fine as a freelancer! 🙂

  5. Hurray! Big move — but being able to do what you want is a real gift.

    Hatzlacha raba!

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