Posted by: Liza Rosenberg | August 4, 2008

Has anybody seen my groove?

I’ve been a very bad blogger lately. Work issues have been sapping up all of my time and energy, and stringing scintillating sentences together for pleasure has been forced to take a back seat to the currently unfolding drama that I have yet to resolve.

Until I manage to get my groove back (which will hopefully be soon), I invite you to take a look at the posts I’ve included on the Memorable posts page. I spent most of Saturday reading through nearly every post I’ve written during the past three years, selecting and categorizing the entries that, for one reason or another, stood out in my mind.

I’ve also created an In the news page, which includes links to different articles and essays of mine that have been published elsewhere, as well as interviews and other miscellaneous media mentions.

Happy reading, and watch this space…



  1. Bad, bad blogger you indeed. No cigar for you.

  2. S’ok. Even the smell of cigars makes me ill. Take away my coffee, though, and I’ll have to send my boys after you…

  3. unfolding dramas? please tell more… when are we doing friday breakfast?

  4. What unfolding drama? What happened? What?!

    Why am i always the last to hear *anything* around here? I feel like Phoebe.

    And i have your groove, btw. I stole it when we last met for sushi. And i’m keeping it until you spill all the goss.

    So there, ner.

  5. I saw your groove earlier today, sailing on the Oslo fjord… it said hello and said you can pick it up the next time you visit…

  6. I saw your groove either. guess where?!

  7. I keep watching this space and not much is happening…

    hop to it, missy!!

  8. was that you i spotted in the leotard at the beijing olympics?

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