Posted by: Liza Rosenberg | January 4, 2009

The rules

Welcome to all new something something readers and commenters. While the site rules are maintained on a different page (with a link in the tabs above), I just thought it might be a good idea to post a reminder here. Of course, most of you are fabulous and have absolutely nothing to worry about. You guys are great! However, for those of you who feel break the rules and I decide to post your comment anyway, it’s because I’m going to respond in kind. Don’t say I didn’t warn you…

  1. Play nice! Being rude means that your comment probably won’t pass moderation. Depending on my mood, if I find you really offensive, I will ban your IP.
  2. Show respect! You don’t have to agree with everything that’s written, but if you want to contribute, you must show respect towards other commenters and towards me.
  3. Keep it civil! I’m not a big fan of online screaming matches, and will not allow them here.
  4. Don’t get personal! Don’t attack or berate another commenter if you don’t like their opinion – attack (civilly and with respect, of course) the opinion instead. Dialog over ideas is much better then slinging mud at your fellow commenters (and certainly much easier to clean up…).
  5. No articles! If you try to post an entire article in the Comments section, I’ll remove it.
  6. Minimize links! The posting of links will be allowed only at my discretion. If you try to post links without providing any explanation or commentary, chances are excellent that your comment will not pass moderation (or will be deleted if you are a commenter whose comments have been accepted in the past). Comments containing multiple links are also not likely to pass moderation. The comments section is for dialog and an exchange of ideas, not a bulletin board for links.
  7. Stay on-topic! If your comment is unrelated to either the post topic or the comment thread, I will delete it.


  1. so I understand from this that we can’t call you a sad half-wit 🙂

  2. […] where people can leave comments, so feel free to leave them here (just make sure you understand the rules…) . I’ll post more links as I get […]

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