Posted by: Liza Rosenberg | January 8, 2009

How Chanukah began…

Little One: Mommy, did you and Daddy fight the ancient Greeks and win, or was that just Grandma and Grandpa?

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  1. ok, when, where and why did this latest little pearl emerge from the Little One’s mouth?? ROFL!!


    Well… Art Linkletter didn’t come up with gems like “Kid’s say the darnedest things” and “never work with kids or animals” for nothing! 馃檪

    Years ago, when Gili was Little One’s age, my father took him to school one morning (when he was visiting), and got winded going up the steps into the school — prompting Gili to calmly (and according to my Dad) sweetly say, “Saba, you really should lose some weight. You are fat. There aren’t many steps here.”

    Congrats on the BBC stuff.

  3. He got it: “We were all slaves in Egypt.”

  4. Haaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Hahahaha! (she sputtered, with chocolate milk coming out of her nose)

  6. Too funny!

  7. Ok, confession time…

    About that age I also asked my grandfather if he was a slave in Egypt. His age at the time was unfathomable to me, and as I ran of everything I had to count including my marbles collection, I came to the realization he must be a relic 馃槈

  8. amazing, however my 4 year old felt much closer to the scene… she said that once upon a time she was a “yehuda” and fought the greeks.
    Adding to this she said, probably influenced by the last two week events, that the Arabs were once upon a time greeks…

    How can you argue that …

  9. When I have the chance to meet the Little One, please don’t tell him I’m Egyptian. I’d like to maintain a shot a this friendship.

  10. Mo-ha-med: Oh, pthpthpth. I didn’t like that the teacher phrased it that way, and I pointed out to him that there are good “people” and bad “people”, and that where someone is from has nothing to do with how good or bad they are. Besides, how could he not love you? I fell for you from the moment we met! 馃檪

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