Posted by: Liza Rosenberg | December 19, 2009

Seek and you shall find…

Unbelievably, especially to me, I’ve been maintaining this blog for more than four-and-a-half years. I’ve covered a variety of topics and used a multitude of words and tags, and in doing so, managed to create a situation where people have stumbled across my blog by googling some rather interesting terms. What follows below is a list of the most popular (including the number of times the term was used), which I’ve interspersed with commentary as “necessary”.

little ass 924
In total, there have been 1,143 hits from several variations of this term, including ten from people who had trouble spelling the word “little”. While I find it very disturbing to think that there are so many people out there who are potentially trying to find child pornography (my interpretation of the little ass phenomenon), it makes me smile to think how disappointed they all must be when this search term brings them to a post I wrote about Israel’s former prime minister, Ehud Olmert.

something something 167
Rather obvious, no?

little asses 155

buzz 111
My son went through a Buzz Lightyear/Toy Story phase, which resulted in several blog posts on the subject. These posts can be found here, here, here and here.

out and about 107
Refers to this blog category.

birthday wishes 88

buzz lightyear 75

letter f 72
I admit it. I taught my son the “f” word.  It wasn’t intentional, obviously, but clearly, I’m not perfect. The first time it happened was when my computer crashed several years ago. I swore three times in succession, which was quickly followed up by a toddler’s voice calling out “puck! puck! puck!” before dissolving into delighted laughter (his, not mine. Ok, maybe mine too…). I’m guessing the large number of hits is the result of this blog post, though.

liza Rosenberg 47
Also rather obvious, I should think…

littleass 43

tagged 43

nachal hakibbutzim 40

you know your from florida when 34
Refers to this blog post.

80s 33
For just over a year, I wrote a series of blog entries that I titled 80s Music Video Sunday. Lots of memories, lots of music.

Something 32

jo jo was a man 32
My son is a Beatles fan. Even today, whenever we get in the car, his first request is that we put on a Beatles CD. Few things bring me greater pleasure than listening to him singing along to the Beatles. His favorite song is “Get Back“, and he is not averse to suddenly calling out, “Get back, Loretta!”, even if he’s not listening to the song. I blogged about his love affair with this song here. As you can see from this list, he’s not the only one who likes “Get Back”.

jojo was a man 31

yalla kadima 31
Back in December 2005, I wrote this post (in rhyme, no less) about the emergence of the then-fledgling Kadima party and the unexpected rise of Amir Peretz (who I referred to as “Mr Mustache”) to the leadership of Israel’s Labor party. Amir Peretz has since had a rather expected fall from the leadership position, and the Kadima party still acts like a party that hasn’t formulated any positions.

somethingsomething 23

ralph macchio 23
I mentioned Ralph Macchio in this 80s Music Video Sunday blog entry.

jojo was a man who thought he was a lone 20

lactation specialist 20
Ummm… No clue, really.

buzz lightyear Disneyland 20

happy birthday wishes 19

wishes 18

f 17

something something blog 17

the letter f 17

jojo was a man who thought 15

pregnant ladies 14
Most of the hits regarding pregnancy seem to come from India. Don’t ask me why…

will you still need me will you still fe 13

very little ass 11

bilingualism 11
This one’s easy, as I’ve written several posts about raising a bilingual child.

litle ass 10

how well do you know me questionnaire 10

left wing Zionism 9
This post was originally written at the request of a newspaper for a special supplement. After it was written, the editors decided to kill all op-ed pieces.

jojo was a man who 9

secular Zionism 9

ralph macchio karate kid 8

حرف a 8

Liza 8

wishes for birthday 8

jojo was a man lyrics 8

thank you again 8
I’m guessing this search term has to do with this post (as “Thank You Again” is the title), written back in July.

lactation 7

tel yehudah song 7
My old summer camp. Hurrah!

jojo was a 7

archive note music 7

lizarosenberg 7

buzz Disney 6

Up next. Some of the more interesting and unusual search terms…

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  1. The way people get to blogs via supposed keywords is crazy. Anti-semitic hits are high counts on mine. Thanks, but no thanks.

    A belated Hag Sameach, Liza.

    ~ Maya

    The New Jew: Blogging Jewish Philanthropy

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