Posted by: Liza Rosenberg | February 24, 2010

Little Shoes

There was a little girl, wearing little shoes
Searching high and low, looking for her muse
It wasn’t in the house, or out behind the tree
Not up in the mountains, and not down by the sea

She sat upon a rock, and stared up at the sky
Not knowing what to do, she then began to cry
She couldn’t find her muse – it was nowhere to be found
The harder that she searched, the more her spirits drowned

Then suddenly she stopped, and realized with a start
That what she’d looked for everywhere was just within her heart
It hadn’t done much good, her searching far and wide
For her source of inspiration had come from somewhere deep inside

She raced back to her house, her face alive with joy
Looking like a child who’d received a brand new toy
She stepped behind the door, kicked off her little shoes
Poured herself a coffee, and reveled in her muse

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  1. re: little shoes–That’s wonderful. Great rhyming but not sacchariny. imagery a plenty.
    looking to dig in more to your site. Thnks!

  2. Just like Acres of Diamonds. Light and amusing on an important point of who we are

  3. Ronna: Thank you! I’m so glad you liked it. I don’t do saccharine (at least I don’t think I do – others might think differently). Don’t even get me started on perky… 🙂

    Birte: I’m flattered by the comparison! Thank you! This came out after more than a month when I felt unable to produce any poetry. I suppose this poem was a response to what I was going through during that time.

  4. Liza’s a brill poet;
    That you can’t deny.
    She pulls at your heartstrings…
    Makes you laugh and cry.

    Liza is a fine friend;
    On-line, it is true…
    Nonetheless amazing;
    Don’t you agree, too?

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