Posted by: Liza Rosenberg | May 25, 2010

My home in the sky…

My home in the sky is just full of delights
Not all of them having to do with the heights
That allow me to see things I’d just rather not
Like neighbors who wee and then shower a lot

But by the same token – I suppose that it’s fair
That they can see us if they stop and then stare
So be careful I must, when walking around
To have something on – at least up if not down

I wish that was all, but sadly there’s more
As I discovered one day when I opened the door
That water had leaked for well over an hour
Which allowed us to have a salon with a shower

It’s not everyone’s cup of tea I suppose
A living room ceiling from which water flows
Nor was it mine, I admit with regret
But really – the sofa was impossibly wet

We sealed up the holes and cleaned up the room
And tried to get past our feelings of doom
In the blink of an eye, though, we had no more smiles
For we had found water just under the tiles…

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  1. Oh no. I was grinning until I got to that last bit, and then my own memories of incessant neverending ohgodnotanotherone leaks brought it all back. Several years later, at least I’m enjoyed my completely renovated house…

    • I enjoyed your completely renovated house as well! 🙂

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