Posted by: Liza Rosenberg | June 9, 2010

A world gone mad…

Tattered and torn – we’re ripped at the seams
With horrible nightmares replacing the dreams
Except here’s the thing – you’re really awake
And it seems like the world is just ready to break

But all you can do is watch as it falls
Because no one’s prepared to heed any calls
We’re sinking in deeper – we’re all going down
Because no one’s prepared to make any sound

As the world starts to crash – we shatter to bits
We’re breaking apart taking hit after hit
The prognosis is bleak – there isn’t much hope
The world is hanging itself with a rope

Do you see all the hatred that people are spewing?
That we can’t seem to stop all the harm that we’re doing?
That so much of the good’s overshadowed by bad?
And it’s ever so clear that the world has gone mad

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