Posted by: Liza Rosenberg | July 26, 2010

Big Dreams; Little Boy

I gaze upon the little boy; I watch him as he sleeps
I think of all the things he knows; the knowledge that he reaps
I do my best to teach him well; to teach him wrong from right
I tell him not to judge the others, merely based on sight

I tell him everybody’s different, but different isn’t bad
In fact it’s quite the opposite; a reason to be glad
To celebrate the differences; to accept them one and all
For when it comes right down to it, the differences are small

I want him to embrace the “other”; not to run and hide
To understand that good and bad don’t depend upon the side
I want him to internalize the importance of respect
That being kind to others, can have profound effect

I know it’s not so simple, to shape a little boy
To try to pass on values when he’d rather play with toys
But as I watch him slumber, dreaming through the night
The best that I can do, is hope I’ve got it right

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