Posted by: Liza Rosenberg | March 6, 2006

Random thoughts on a Monday…

Just a few random issues that I’ve been dealing with lately…

The concept of having to watch what you say around your kids was really brought home to me recently. While fiddling with the home computer one morning, it suddenly froze up. Fearing that I’d just lost all my work, I swore, emphatically repeating the same word three times. Suddenly, a small voice next to me called out, “Puck! Puck! Puck!” and giggled. Sigh…
How depressing that everyone seems to be in agreement that the best thing to come out of the Israeli elections will be a day off on election day…
I met up with two new friends last week, one is a journalist and the other a professor. We were discussing our careers – the benefits and perks, etc. The journalist mentioned that she gets kidnapping insurance. “That’s interesting,” I remarked. “You get kidnapping insurance, and I get dental.” Hmmm… Whose career is more exciting, do you think?
Why couldn’t I be good with numbers instead of writing (going on the assumption, of course, that I am, indeed good at writing. I know I am because my father told me! Hi Dad!)? Then I could find a job I enjoy that pays well, instead of the job I don’t enjoy that pays well or the job I know I’d enjoy, but I also know that the pay is serious crap. The sad truth is that I suck at anything having to do with numbers – can’t add to save my life, nor can I figure out my own part of the restaurant bill. As far as figuring out the tip, well, let’s just not go there, okay?
Can anyone recommend a hotel in Amsterdam? A friend and I are planning a girls’ weekend away, and I’ve spent hours upon hours poring over websites. Some hotels look better than others, but if anyone has any specific recommendations, we’d love to hear! We’re looking for a small hotel, preferably non-smoking, within walking distance of most major sites, and definitely not expensive.
Now that I’ve been given an opportunity to do some real freelancing, I can’t think of a damn thing to write about (which may be evident, given the way this blog entry is going)! This could very well be my shortest blog entry ever! What the hell am I going to write about?



  1. Yay, good to see your blog got retrieved from the ether and is back! Hey, your Dad is right (go Dad), you are a really good writer. Numbers are seriously over-rated.

  2. Phew! What a relief. I was just about to call you and ask WTF happened to your blog? I didn’t realize how addicted I was.

  3. I am good with numbers and from experience can tell you a little-known truth: the best you can expect from ANY JOB is good pay, good benefits, and the occasional moment of satisfaction. (Oh dear, that does sound bitter.)

  4. We spent the night (or was it 2)at a cheesy hotel in the heart of the ‘gay area’ of Amsterdam on the way home from Israel at the end of our honeymoon. My brother in law set it up for us as a gift. some gift….to get into the hotel room, I remember we had to climb a flight of stairs that wound around and as I remember, was so steep! OH, and the best part was that the room itself was SLANTED…from one end to the other of the room… could totally feel the dip!

    Anyway, guess I’m trying to say, you don’t want any recommendations from me—not that I would remember the name of the place anyway! 🙂 But have fun, I hear there are some nice things to see in that area.

  5. Puck Puck Puck!!!

    Am laughing outloud…
    Amsterdam??? Who’s going to Amsterdam? Can I come?

  6. You may wanna check out ww.virtualtourist .com for hotels and deals in Amstredam. A good site to check if you travel regularly. The locals get to answer your queries. They have country based forums where you can post your questions.

    Lately, I have been following your blog. It is interesting to say the least.

  7. My daughters favorite book when she was small was Dr Seuss “Fox in Socks”. Because she couldn’t speak properly yet she called it “F*cks S*cks” I kid you not. You don’t even know what embarrasing is until that happens.

  8. totally my favorite book too!!! “When the tweedle beetle battle is a battle in a bottle and the bottle’s on a poodle and the poodle’s eating noodles…” I read it to my daughter now and she is amazed that I pretty much have the whole thing memorized!!

  9. Nrg, she’s not the only one who is amazed, though I’m not sure amazed is the word I’d use… 🙂

  10. Yael: It’s great to be back! You weren’t the only one concerned!

    Ontheface: See response to Yael. 🙂 Feeling is mutual, m’dear. I’m addicted to your blog too, though I find I can’t get the fix as often as I’d like…

    Savtadotty: Oh dear…

    Emah s: Ummm… Thanks for the travel tips? 🙂

    Nrg: Aww, puck it. I suppose you can come, as long as it’s ok with my friend. 🙂

    Yodha: Welcome to something something! Thanks for the compliment (I think… 🙂 )! Will definitely check out the site you mentioned.

    Lisoosh: You are too funny! I will definitely get that book for my little one.

    BTW, I always enjoy your comments, no matter what the subject. Always very well thought out and well written, with humor as required.

  11. are you suggesting that memorizing Dr. Seuss is a strange thing?? Hmmm? I can do the Grinch as well…

  12. Nrg: Now there’s a BIG surprise… 🙂

  13. She – thanks, I often despair at my spelling though!

    nrg – YES. I have it memorized too, and that is my favorite bit. I don’t like to ben/broom bit though.

  14. the hotel doria claims to be kosher, I think a lot of Israelis stay there, my room was very small, decent location for 50 euros, and the kosher breakfast was 4 slices of bread in a plastic bag, a kosher cheese and a plastic knife!

  15. Amsterdam?! When!

    do you really need to book a hotel in advance!

  16. Anonymous: Thanks for the suggestion.

    Rami: Probably either September or October (I know, far in advance), and actually, from everything I’ve been reading so far, every site recommends booking in advance, as hotel rooms get snapped up quickly, and the last thing I want to do upon arrival after a five hour flight is try to find a hotel room. We want to be able to race from the airport to the hotel, dump our stuff and run out into the city (first stop will undoubtedly be a really large coffee somewhere while we plan strategy 🙂 ).

  17. Several really large coffees…

  18. Indeed…

  19. […] Clearly, I’d been busted. I really do try not to use those words in front of him, but sometimes they just, well, slip out. In the Little One’s defense, his hands apparently flew up to cover his mouth in an act of […]

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