Memorable posts

In an effort to showcase different topics and writing styles, I’ve created this list of favorite posts, entries that have, for one reason or another, stood out in my mind as being some of the better posts I’ve written. Some posts are serious and others are humorous, and subject matter runs the gamut. Be sure to check the comments as well, as some of the exchanges are definitely fascinating!

This page is a work in progress, and more posts will be added as time allows.

Family, Fertility, Loss

An eggstra special conviction

In memory of little boys

Open Sesame

Planes, Trains and Automobiles

Scenes from a visit with the parents

Bilingualism/Language Issues


Can you say that in English?

Crossing the language barrier

Haydad for Culture!

Expat Musings

Holidays in the Land of the Extreme

Just a moment?

Human Interest

Who decides who is a Jew, or, when is a Jew not a Jew?


Caught with my umbrella down

Commuting for Dummies

Shake it Mommy. Shake It!

Yalla, Kadima, or… Ode to a Mustache

Israel-Lebanon War, Summer 2006

Stop the war, please. I want to get off…

The Game of Life

Waiting Games


Am I Different?

I am not a radical

It’s not easy being blue and white

Ode to a City

Why would I consciously decide to take myself to a mentally bad place?


A state for all its citizens?

Altering Israel’s Moral Rudder

And now back to our regularly scheduled programming

Back to the Future

Boycotts, Double Standards, and Plain Old Israel-Bashing

Insulting our intelligence

Larger than life

Ministry of What?

Respect, man! It’s all about respect! (Danish cartoon scandal)

Time to get the terrible twosome out of Dodge



Stop Being Verbal Vegetarians!


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  2. Brilliant! Now I know where to start to explore your blog! 🙂

  3. […] Memorable posts […]

  4. Greatings,
    Thank you! I would now go on this blog every day!

    Thank you

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